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How To Write Articles How To Write Good Academic Articles

How To Write Articles How To Write Good Academic Articles

Research format

Ever since I learned the traditional sketching method in 8th grade, I felt like the system was broken. I had never created sketches with markers, numbers and letters before writing this article. I always came up with one after that because I was asked to submit it along with the latest work. Anyway, take it control / take care of how you plan and structure your documents. Writing the same article over and over again, or sending the same letter for multiple assignments is unethical and will bring you a lot of trouble. Instead, the ethical approach is to use each article as an opportunity to fill a gap in your knowledge….

This is why we, as a professional writing service, ensure complete confidentiality whenever you order an article. How to write an introduction to a research paper Introduction to a research paper presents your topic, background and details. essay for you-3 / your search problem. You can use, download and modify these lecture slides to teach students how to write a research paper. If you find that old ideas do not fit as well as you expected, you should expect them or reduce them….

I was only interested in formatting the article according to the updated APA rules.. letter writing reports / i pa categorized-2/38895 Letter well formatted by the writer with relevant links.


This allows you to spot mistakes yourself while still being responsible for the other person in the room. After all, how can you make a conclusion if you have not even finished writing? For more tips on the specifics of writing compelling conclusions, check out my post on how to write an article. Of course, your article should write an effective research article / be good for it to work. To learn how to improve the quality of your documents, check out my post “6 Tips for Writing Articles That Will Make Your Articles 300% Better”. Mistake All the professors I had in college told me that they would always prefer a good 5 page article over a 7 page one. Honestly, some topics do not need 7 pages – 5 is enough..

First, set a deadline for the writer to adjust his schedule to adjust. Requirements should also include the number of pages, the topic, and additional information that can help an expert understand the problem. Our service is the best answer to the question “who can write my article for free”, essay services / which often happens to every student. Just looking at the prices on the Write a Letter page, you will see that affordable paper is another concept we are following. We understand that mostly students live modestly, so the paper writing services we offer are affordable..

If you are struggling with the task of a teacher and are seeking help, our Academic Writing Service specialists http: // ready to help. I enjoy the satisfaction of my clients and can offer them a complete package of services..

College students regularly complete many projects, and completing all of them is out of the question. Our team knows the academic field from within and and-articles-Writing-services-for-College-3 / due to long experience in this niche. As a client, try to describe in detail all the details of the task…

If you try to lengthen it, you can dilute your argument. Also, pay attention to the readings your professor gives in class. This should give you an idea of ​​the academic rules you should follow in your articles. Easy to pass https: // letter-for-me-please-2 / article and focus on the information so much that you ignore the structure (which is good – the structure should not distract you). But if you do some reading sessions paying attention to the structure, you will get an idea of ​​how it should go…

I initially had my doubts about this company because of my experience with writing companies but your company / 02/01 / best dissertation writing services / I proved I was wrong. I can say that this is one of the best writing services I have ever encountered…

I will assist you with writing, proofreading, proofreading and formatting your text. You can be sure that you will get an original and unique piece written in beautiful language. As a trusted writing company, we shun academics https: // web- plagiarism at all costs. You can be sure that you will always get a unique essay, written from scratch and tailored to your requirements. We understand that our customers want to remain anonymous.

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Assessment of student writing

Assessment of student writing

For less than $ 9, you can get high quality essays or pick out their extra features to get the most effective academic work. When it comes to college assignments, personality is essential. Personal information will be protected and will never be shared with others, including authors of articles online. You may have heard that writing agencies are using an existing database to create essays with an online writer. The situation is different with We are only interested in high quality assignments designed to meet the needs of students..

Service features

When students learn to write a research paper, they must learn how to conduct their research. All students should remember that there is no shortcut to research. They should always devote their time, money and energy to finding information if they want extraordinary research projects! Furthermore, these students need to choose their sources of information carefully…

Write my article for me, please!

Either way, hiring a professional can really set you free. As an agency with nearly a decade of experience, we offer academic writing and business writing services designed to remove the headache from your education. Regardless of the content you need, all non-standard documents are rewritten, formatted as required, and corrected for printing and inconsistencies. Our extensive document support provides high quality documents and excellent online support. Talented writers always give an original and perfect work. We offer excellent services to ensure the security of our clients’ personal information. When ordering our services, you will always be satisfied.

Even those with excellent writing skills sometimes miss deadlines and get poor grades just because they do not know they can get professional help. ExtraEssay is one of the oldest legal services for essays and dissertations that will attract you thanks to their pricing plan..

We provide our customers with more than just texts. Students want to solve their problems and we guarantee that every client who comes to us will receive professional help. We understand that almost no student has the time to design complex papers on complex topics..

Every day, the entire team of wallet writers strives to make life easier for students and to support them in difficult life situations. We invest in training our specialists to improve the quality of our services. Solving academic problems has never been easier than ordering work from us..

When you place your order, we will select the most suitable writer for you with relevant experience, education and skills. You can even talk directly to your writer and learn at any time how the writing process is going. 9.5 is a professional essay and dissertation service with Doctors and Masters. They have been on the market for a long time and are highly recommended by buyers because of their reliability and affordable price. First of all, our managers want to help each student and solve his problems..

The value of academic research work is determined not only by the grade the student receives at the end. It is measured by the benefits that students receive from the research writing experience..!

According to professionals at, students should only use information from reliable sources such as books. ExtraEssay is one of the oldest services for writing legal articles that will attract you with its pricing policy. For less than $ 9, you can get high quality essays or select additional features to get the best academic performance. Hundreds of students turn to us every week for help writing essays. And all thanks to the best writers in the industry who can quickly and at a high level of writing finish any job of any complexity…

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Content Editing Service

Content Editing Service

The best writers will do your research for you

In addition, our article authors check and edit the task if there are any errors. After receiving your order, be sure to review the essay and leave us your feedback. You just have to click on the “Pay for essay” button or say, “Write my article, please.” Well, why would you pay to write? Remember that we are responsible for your article. Our article author will review the topic, gather credible sources, and write an article from scratch..

Check out our essay services in Canada. We guarantee that your personalized essay will not only be delivered on time, but also of the highest quality. Quality assurance specialists ensure that the documents are written by our professionals the writers are 100% unique. Of course, if you know where to find a good writer-writer! Right now, you can hire a freelance writer to legally complete your assignment according to the instructions given..

Almost all of our professional writers have a Master or Ph.D. holder with extensive industry experience. Writepapercom is the easiest and most reliable essay writing service to use. It’s very easy to place an order and I always get quality work from their authors on time. paper The letter is hard when there is a storm of thoughts in your head and the deadline is approaching. That is why we are here to relieve stress and write articles for you. Our trained academic writers are ready to write an article from scratch, without plagiarism and on time..

“Experienced professional, with a degree in the field to which the topic belongs. Along with a careful approach to the writing process, this guarantees the highest quality in every essay we do. If you can not cope with essays, course assignments and other scientific papers, please contact our specialists. We can assist you with any academic questions in any time. You are ours a valued customer, and you have the right to control the processing of your letters. You can contact your writer through our support team if you need to point out some important points to make your work more personalized. Order a plagiarism report and a progressive distribution option so that your assignment is created in line with your professor’s term and assignment..

Our team is ready to start when you ask us to “write my article”. We hire very professional writers who work for our company and provide quality documents to our clients. Hundreds of specialists in various fields of knowledge are ready to give you a helping hand.. You do not have to pay much because our prices are low! They either do not have the time to write their articles, or they have knowledge and skills that reduce their chances of success. There is a reasonable solution – pay for the documents at

You can always say, “Pay someone to write my article” and order help right away. Our prices start with $ 10 per page so every college student can afford our academic writing help.

Hire a writer to work on your paper

In total, we have three types of writers to suit every budget and urgency. Choose any kind of homework and a knowledgeable online writer will start working on it from scratch. With the help of our service, get original searches and well written texts.. Essay writing will include an introduction, body and conclusion according to the type of paper chosen. The final draft of the essay will be structured, formatted, formatted and corrected so that you can present it as it is, without any changes or corrections on your part…

It shows you that they really know what they are doing. They can even help with high school projects – no academic level is too high or too low for our writers to help you.. My paper was of good quality, so this is my favorite writing service right now. Our authors do not use any links or online help. That is why we guarantee to receive 100% unique paper..

In addition, only our company offers the customer 3 free versions. You get a preview of your essay, check it out and upload an article to help you improve your grades. Let’s not hide the truth – we hope you become our regular customer. Therefore, we monitor the qualifications of our writers, constantly improving the quality of our services and do our best to deliver the expected documents. We have writers with doctoral and master degrees. It is fair to say that for these writers, getting a master’s or bachelor’s degree is a breeze. After all, they were exactly where you are and took courses.

Payment to write Letter can write articles for money without any disapproval. We just need to find out your requirements – and our specialists will start writing immediately. Second, we check our completed order database so you know for sure that you will receive original articles from our best authors every time…

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Write your research paper online or is it better to do it yourself?

Write your research paper online, or rather do it yourself?

Talk to your writer through our secure messaging board. Leave text messages, get answers from the writer, and keep up with current messages. Are you constantly hitting deadlines? We are ready to help you create and perfect your essay..

Characteristics of writing an academic work

We make sure all articles are checked and scanned for plagiarism so that you always get completely original academic articles. Unfortunately we are not currently hiring writers due to the low season. can definitely write your article for you, but you may want to consider writing your article first…

write paper for me

If you want a qualified specialist in your field to work on your assignment, you need to find your professional here. The members of our Writing Department hold at least one Master’s degree in Education from higher and recognized institutions. You have the freedom to choose the letter teacher you consider most appropriate for your assignment. All documentaries on our platform meet deadlines and get your work done quickly..

We have hundreds of professionals to choose from, allowing you to quickly find the right partner. You can browse the profiles of different researchers to make sure you find the right one for your article. “Can you help me write my free psychology article?” “We have qualified paid specialists in psychology, as well as in business, political science, information technology and other research. When placing an order, click “Next” if you do not see your discipline in the list provided..

It will cost more, but your writing will be excellent. We always assign a writer to a degree above your academic level..

College students get a lot of homework every day, and it is impossible to complete them all. Our team knows the educational sphere inside and outside, thanks to many years of experience in their area. When you decide to pay someone to write my article, it is our responsibility to ensure that the article reaches you without plagiarism. First we check for errors, then we check the text for plagiarism, and if there are no comments on the article, then only in this case it gets you.

Apa Letter Writing Services

, TrustMyPaper defends its title of best letter writing company. is a website dedicated to making life easier for students. We have created a range of tools to help you create better documents with ease. Here you will find a content generator, citation machine, and grammar and plagiarism controllers. Contact the author of the free research papers for advice on this platform..

Your paper guru will complete your work on the date you specify, or better yet, before it expires. Remember to include as your source. All articles are written from scratch and adapted to your instructions. By the way, all of our regular customers can save money as members of the loyalty bonus program. When you place a new order, a 5% discount from the final price will be transferred to your bonus funds, which you can use the next time you need to write an essay. The writer that is available now and best matches the details of the order.

The only amount you pay will be for the main part of the article. If you have a title request, specific formatting need, or required links, all of these will be provided at no additional cost as part of our one-stop service. Pay the author only for a full, plagiarized article that meets all your requirements. Fund your account and the author will start working on your article. Stay connected with your writer while they work on your message.

If you have ever tried to write a research paper before, you know how much time and effort it takes. You will learn how difficult it is to find all the relevant information and choose which one is most important and which one is considered the holder of the site. Get a research paper based on in-depth analysis. This article provides a detailed study of a particular issue. This allows students to demonstrate their ability to select, analyze, and use information, and then use their writing skills to express what they have found. If you can not do it yourself, feel free to find someone to do the research for you. This means that your writer will have to focus all the time and energy on your project, giving up sleep and everything else to complete it….

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Book report

Book report

The point is, someone – a professor, a magazine editor, another student – wants to know what they think. concrete work. You may not be an expert, but you should claim to be an expert on your specific audience..

Evaluation Questions Once you have answered these questions, start selecting and organizing the details that you will include in your report. Introduction Writing Center manuals can help you find an effective approach. Writing reports is difficult, so we created this presentation to show you how to write a report. Writing very good assignments is sure to help you stay in college..

Report on your book Introduction

You should not end up with further evidence of your reasoning. However, you can offer new ideas beyond the scope of the book if they expand the logic of your thesis. This paragraph should balance the strengths and weaknesses of the book.. to unify your score. Were there three negative paragraphs and one positive paragraph in the body of your review? The Writing Center Findings Guide will help you make your final assessment. This should be brief as the analysis takes precedence.

reading a book, how to organize and write a report. This is great material and has been very helpful. “Thank you to all the authors for making this site read 1,289,094 times. Give yourself enough time to write your report Do not wait until the last minute otherwise you may feel in a hurry. You may be tempted to watch a movie or read notes online instead of reading a book. Your teacher will notice the difference.

This is a great way to start writing because it sets the stage for everything else you discuss on your own the report. Try to describe the places mentioned in the book so that your teacher knows exactly what you are talking about….

Unlock expert responses by supporting Wikihow

If you are reviewing the first book written on this topic, it will be important for your readers to know about it. Keep in mind, however, naming the “first” – along with the names of the “best” and “only” – can be dangerous if you are not absolutely sure.

Someone asked your opinion on something you could not appreciate. Who are you for criticize a new book by Tony Morrison if you have never written a novel yourself, much less you have won a Nobel Prize?

No one expects you to be intellectually equal to the creator of a work, but careful observation can provide you with the initial material to make informed judgments. A summary is a critical evaluation of a text, event, object, or phenomenon. Ratings can include books, articles, entire genres or areas of literature, architecture, art, fashion, restaurants, politics, exhibitions, performances, and many other forms. for Chapter-restart-template / for a similar exercise, see our literature review material. Come up with a cereal name on the front of the box so readers can understand what the book was about. For example, if you are reporting on a boy who survived the forest, you can call your cereal “Crown Wilderness.” Your approach to writing a book review will vary depending on whether you are writing for fiction or non-fiction..

Book report

We hope that during the evaluation you will support your claims with concrete evidence from the book, so that a summary will be distributed in other parts… review Does it conform to or deviate from the conventions of its genre? These questions can provide a historical or literary standard on which to base your grades…

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Ultius, Inc.

Ultius, Inc.

Briefly the Essential Ingredients of Ultius

However, your ID is only needed to ensure that you are a legitimate buyer and that you use your individual card to pay. We did not find any ratings who will accuse the company of misusing users’ personal information so you do not have to worry about it.

I could not suggest a larger firm to work with. In addition, they present a quality product to visitors and are customer oriented. I was very excited when I surrendered perspective points for my writing experience. The service and sample writing phase went normally and I took the task.

Similar company number

If you want to know more about the company’s privacy policy, you can find a lot of information on its website. Ultius offers fair working conditions for Ultius writers. If you are skeptical, you can easily find evidence of Ultius from a former employee. You may be offended find in some reviews of the writer Ultius. lack of orders. It seems like there are a lot of writers in the company, so you can be sure there may be someone who is perfect for your task. If you prefer to see an author rating for Ultius at, take a look at Glassdoor or Actually.

Freelance writer required to work in a remote position requiring a bachelor / bachelor degree, MS Office knowledge, distinctive communication, excellent writing skills and good computer skills I will perform an analysis, I will write content, I will respect the deadlines. Provide excellent customer support, process orders and negotiate orders with trained quality assurance professionals..

Must have excellent computer skills and customer service. Are you looking for a review editor for a beginner level part-time job that requires flexibility in hours, at night availability on weekends. Maintains communications, support teams, controls and guarantees quality and compliance.

They are versatile and offer a wide range of items to work with. I enjoy the freedom to pursue another job and career while clarifying that Ultius remains to be by my side all this time. Lots of learning alternatives and a great work environment.

However, the deadline is not the only aspect that affects the final value of your article. As we said before, in Ultius you can choose from 3 completely different levels of author. company assign your best essay writer for free. Hiring a graduate or required writer will cost you an additional 20% or 15% respectively. It’s a big job – working full time or coming back occasionally for extra money..

After completing our Ultius assessment, we can assure you that it is safe to use. You should but keep in mind that you will simply have to go through identity verification once you have placed your order..

However, after studying all the work that was there, I realized that most of the work was writing essays for some of the college students about them. The high salary was not worth writing and doing the necessary things. In the postgraduate school, All the work I did myself and I was superior to him. To order letters here, you must be a wealthy person. Fortunately, Ultius discounts are available on our website, so you do not have to ask their assistants…

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Apa format for documents

Apa format for documents

Formatting the Apa student version

APA format – the official style of the American Psychological Association.. Used in writing for psychology and other social sciences..

Formatting and ordering your links

Whenever you write a link in the text, as mentioned above, be sure to consider these quotations and include them in the bibliography. So, for example, if you have 10 different quotes in the text of an article, your bibliography should contain 10 notes. also. If you are already used to other formatting and linking styles like Chicago or MLA, this is fine. However, it is highly recommended that you have a good understanding of APA formatting rules as some professors will probably ask you to use them….

While you are at it, check out our other helpful guides, such as the APA Reference Guide, to make sure you are on the right track with your search. Title page or APA cover page is the first page of an article or essay. Some teachers and professors do not need a title page, but some do. If you are not sure if you can activate it, ask your teacher.

Writing a scientific article is very different from writing for English, literature and other composition classes. Scientific articles are much more direct, clear and concise. This section includes keywords, explains how to write in APA format, and includes other news to keep in mind when writing your research paper. Keep in mind that the APA citation format is much easier than you think thanks to Try our automatic generator and see how we create APA citation links for you in just a few clicks.

All resources you use in your search should be cited in accordance with current APA-style guidelines. The first section of an APA-style article will be an introduction, but is not required. Simply enter the title of your article at the top of the next page and get started write your entry in the line below it. Finally, gather all your links and create a cover page. After following these steps, edit and correct your article. Review the completed APA document to make sure all formatting is correct..

The American Psychological Association citation style is used primarily in the social sciences. Psychology articles, such as lab reports and APA articles, also often require Note. In these cases, the abstract should include all the key elements of your article, including introduction, hypothesis, methods, results, and discussion….

If any of these are missing, you should refer to the job itself to find this information. When you have finished writing your research paper, you you should indicate the resources you used for your research. How you format your art citation page depends on the style guidelines you need to use..

Once you have chosen your topic, you need to articulate it in the title. Remember, the title and theme are different. Combine these words into a single sentence to form a keyword. In addition to the fact that APA formatting can standardize the presentation of scientific articles, A paper-based APA can also keep you free from plagiarism charges. Plagiarism is considered a serious crime by the institutions and you can be punished for it. To avoid this, make sure you tell the authors properly by strictly following the citation instructions…

This format also provides for the use of the footnote to summarize the key details contained in a document. This is the kind of professionalism that your essay will gain when you study literature.. and use a specific connection style. Before you start writing an APA work plan, you need to formulate a topic – maybe your instructor will provide you with a list of problems and you will solve one of them…

Some people like a page that clearly shows the name of the author and the title of the article. Your links must always contain title, author, date of publication, place of publication and publisher.

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Example book report in apa style

Example book report in apa style

Writing book reports

I need to review a future book in Nigeria, and this is your real association for me, so as not to kill the enthusiasm of potential readers. I have not reviewed many of the books and was curious to know how well they are described. Some I look at seem to have copied a paragraph from the back of the book, others give only two or three sentences. I have no problem with reviewers of my books saying they do not like character, or character emphasis, or whatever. That these things did not go well for them. I limit my reviews to one paragraph when possible because I think when readers scan ratings, that ‘s what they’re doing – they’re scanning. Do not want to read another book – in summary.

Paper bags Book account books

book report vs book review

A hilarious adaptation of this project is the cheeseburger book report. There are so many super creative open source projects out there that mint cans can be used. This teacher blogger describes the process of creating book reports and using them. There is also a free card model that can fit inside.

For the purpose of your stay in this world? All of this is right for inclusion and may be helpful to other readers. I especially appreciate that I do not tell the story and do not please other readers. Think outside the box about creative book reporting ideas. SO MUCH information information can be included in 12 panels, allowing students to immerse themselves in the creative process. If a student has read a book about a cause that affects people, animals, or the environment, tell them about public announcements. Once they understand what PSA is, invite them to study the problem or cause highlighted in the book…

Then give them a storyboard template in order to create their own ads on social media. Some students can take it a step further and create a video based on their storyboard. Consider sharing your storyboard or video with an organization that supports the cause or issue..

The front is the information that appears at the beginning of the book. The title page contains basic information about publishing the book, such as title, author, publisher, ISBN, and Library of Congress data…

Bibliography • BIBLIOGRAPHY is a list of books found at the end of a book. • These are either books that the author used for research, or books that are recommended for further study of the topic. I started writing reviews for books and while I know you can not discover anything in a review, like who dies, who lives, etc., I was not quite sure what to include. Expressing an opinion is important so that the reader knows whether it is appropriate for him or her or not. Also describe the essence and appearance of the book. Thanks for your thoughts on what a good review should be..

If I were to suggest possible additions, one might wonder how this story affected you. Did it make you laugh, cry, worry about the hero? Has it affected the way you think about life?

Who does not love a multidimensional book report? This image shows a 3-D pattern, but the link is an instruction to show students how to glue four triangles together to make a 4-D pattern. Yum! You will notice that many of our creative book reporting ideas are about food. In this project, each layer of the book report sandwich covers different elements of the book – characters, environments, conflicts, etc….

Alternatively, if more books appear in the series, the epilogue may raise new questions or hint at what the next book will be. A section just before the beginning of the main story, the prologue aims to set the scene and intrigue the reader. Indeed, many prologues contain intriguing events that are only contextualized later in history….

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Is Ultius Com a legitimate service? Read our Ultius review

Is Ultius Com a legitimate service? Read our Ultius review

Support service

However, if you want a perfect letter, you will have to pay a considerable amount for it. What to expect when ordering custom letter?

Yes, it is a fast, reliable and relatively cheap service that can save you when you are stuck. Ultius is not the cheapest paper writing service on the market. This is easily attributed to the quality of service they promise to provide..

Now, seriously, the company wants to attract as many customers as possible and is offering a 20% time-limited discount code on their first order. Price ranges from $ 17.50 to $ 75 per page. They provide written assignments from school assignments to doctoral dissertations that are not available for urgent orders..

What prices does Ultius have?

Now we are not looking at Ultius as a viable alternative to some of the most popular academic writing services we have previously reviewed on our website. Moreover, their managers are in no hurry to answer your urgent questions and requests, even during the day. If you are looking for affordable and quality writing services, contact us and we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the result. It’s hard to find a more popular writing service with thousands of comments online. The company claims that the Ultius letter is of the highest quality, contains no errors and is ready to provide original documents without plagiarism….


There is a fine print at the bottom of the Ultius homepage. For example, it is said that the “group of alumni writers” is only 7.3% of all authors that this essay service has in the database. This means that your articles will not be written by people with master or Ph.D. degree, which is typical of some of the best writing agencies. Here people with higher education or even writers without degrees can work on student papers. Ultius has some good writers and quality writing is an indisputable feature…

According to customer reviews, the number listed at the top of the Ultius Fb page is active and functioning and provides fast service. You can also fulfill an order for a business letter.

It is a pity that the prices are so high that the average user is even afraid to look at them. Not to mention ordering, of course. The page is small, the information section is limited.

This is supported by the ratings on their website, but we are not sure if they are original or their authors. They may not offer excellent essays, but their support for clients is quite good…

Also, unlike writers from other countries, American writers are unlikely to work for a penny. The document we ordered to make a reasonable conclusion about is a school essay on business. Maybe a lot for an average student, right? There are services where prices are below $ 17.50 per page. But you can not be absolutely sure of the high quality of the paper…

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Research thesis

Research thesis

Indicate the topic of your research


How to write a thesis for a research paper?

So instead of wasting your readers’ time making them wonder if you support or oppose an idea, say it clearly and move on to reinforcement in the main parts. The purpose of the essay is to provide space for heated debates and present opposing positions. Ask for questions that have more than right and wrong answers. Once they go to college, students will have to choose another style. He lists a single comprehensive article to discuss in the body. Ask friends and family to read your draft and tell them what they think.

Show that you understand that the research question is not as simple as it sounds.

The best research guidelines for the College

If you are writing a research paper, you should consider the abstract. This is a special part of an essay where you write the main purpose of your work. The thesis consists of a general statement and arguments. First, you should review the information you found on this topic and give your introductory opinion. It is best to formulate your hypothesis in the last two or three introductory sentences. Furthermore, all of these reasons should be used as evidence of your opinion and explained in the text of your research paper…

Double check your dissertation to see if it reflects your idea well, if it is too short or too long. Name the evidence for your potential opponent based on your review. Imagine what he / she could say to destroy your best logical arguments.

You explain that the revised proposal is consistent with existing evidence, but should still be tested against other evidence – perhaps another case or a different database. Do not claim to have a claim against the evidence if you did not do so, unless what you actually did was a claim based on the evidence you gathered. Work to make your arguments shorter and sharper. This is not a bunch of evidence thrown into the lap of a poor reader. This is not a debate or litigation in which you only present facts that help your side.

This is not a public relations exercise in which you rotate everything according to a preconceived notion. In the introductory sentences, it is necessary to show the importance of the phenomenon under study. When writing an abstract, there is no need to describe its importance and significance. If you are familiar with the basics of what an introduction should look like, then it would not be a surprise to you for it to start with a kick that serves a purpose. So make sure you do not ask a question in this part of your letter. Therefore, stay on topic by mentioning your opinion and indicating what you are going to talk about in the topic. Generally, select the statements you want to try and return them with evidence…

You can not use the same test to create a proposal and validate it. But it would be good to look at your evidence and reconsider your assumption or present a new one…